Candle Making Guide

Whether you are a beginner candle maker or seasoned expert, candle making is an extremely fun activity you can do on your own or with friends & family! These simple instructions will help you make your own crystal infused, luxury scented candles in an hour's time. 

Click here for a video tutorial.

Step 1

Make sure the inside of your glass jar is clean and dry. Secure the wick to the bottom of your jar using the wick sticker, making sure it's centred.

Centre the wick at the top of the jar by threading it through the popsicle stick hole (this will sit on the rim of the jar). Pull it taught to keep the wick straight while you pour the wax.

Step 2

Fill a heat-proof measuring cup with all of the soy wax and heat it in the microwave for one minute. Carefully remove from the microwave and stir with the bamboo skewer. Keep heating the wax in 30 second intervals, stirring each time until it's fully melted, free of any solid bits of wax, and translucent in colour. 

Stirring wax

Step 3

Allow the wax to cool for 7 minutes, then add the fragrance oil. Make sure you don't add the fragrance right away as the hotter wax temperature will dilute the scent. Slowly stir using the bamboo skewer for at least 3 minutes to combine the fragrance and wax.

Pour scent

Step 4

Pour the melted wax slowly into the jar, making sure the wick stays centred. There will be about a 1cm space left from the top of the jar for the wick and crystals. 

Pour wax

Step 5

Let the wax cool until it's just barely set so your crystals don't sink (set a timer to check at 35-40 minutes). Arrange your crystals on the top of your candle, leaving a 1cm space around the wick (place larger crystals farther from the wick). If your crystals start to sink, let the wax cool a bit before adding more.  

Arrange crystals

Step 6

Once you're happy with your crystal arrangement, let your candle set for at least 72 hours before burning. Letting it rest for up to a week allows the fragrance to bind with the wax better and produce a stronger scent. Once set, trim the wick roughly 1cm above the wax before burning.

We hope you enjoy your beautiful masterpiece!

Final candle

Tips & Tricks 

- To clean your measuring cup, simply fill it with boiling water and leave it to cool - all the residual wax will melt and float to the top.

- If your wax has fully hardened before you start arranging your crystals, don't worry! Wait a day for your candle to harden some more, then reheat the top of your candle with a hair dryer until the top layer starts to sweat. Lay your crystals on top of your candle so they set into the slightly melted wax.

- Keep wicks trimmed to 5mm before burning, and don't burn candles for longer than 4 hours at a time.

- Be sure to keep your crystals after your candle is finished! When there's around 10mm of wax left, pick your crystals out and rinse them with warm soapy water.